Friday, May 9, 2008

what a difference a gate makes

The other day I met up with our Tuesday playgroup at a fenced-in park, and now I may never go back to an unfenced park again. All the moms got to chat, I got to take pictures, the kids were happy and safe without being chased and redirected from the parking lot or the horseshoe pit. So relaxing, a big change for me since Sam is often the one most actively trying to escape the group for something more interesting far away. He was also quite happy in his confined space. Here's four of them: Sam looking back at his girl buddies Sadie and Megan, and behind them Megan's twin Ryan in the process of standing up.

Sam and Ryan had the unfortunate shared experience of getting dog poop on their shoes somehow.
Probably when they were having this pow-wow at the far side of the park.
We love our buddy Sadie who just moved into our neighborhood! She shared some of her strawberries with Sam and he proceeded to grab them by the fistfuls and finished every last one! Luckily we had some orange to share. Don't they look cute together?

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