Saturday, May 24, 2008

virus update

I ended up taking Sam to the doctor yesterday since the long weekend was coming and I wanted to rule out anything serious. Diagnosis: a bad virus, but no secondary bacterial infections. The rash on his neck and back is related to his virus, rather than the heat rash I thought it was from last week's super-hot weather. But his lungs sound fine and his ears are healthy-looking, and his throat looks sore but nothing worse than that. Probably his sore throat is what prompted him to point to his mouth and whimper the other day, not teething as I thought.

Last night he did not have a wake-up until 5:30, at which point we again brought him to bed to sleep with us, since he was otherwise inconsolable. Today he seems about the same as yesterday, drinking more and fighting his nap right now (did we spoil him by letting him sleep with us? maybe.), but energy- and mood-wise about the same. It's nice to have Denis helping me today. Tomorrow is Denis' birthday, and Monday we have a bbq with some playgroup families, so I hope Sam turns a corner today. I know he would enjoy our fun plans. It's his worst illness of his short life so far and his suffering is so terrible and real. I've postponed weaning until he gets better. Nursing seems to bring him comfort as well as (hopefully) some healthy antibodies. Get well, little guy! We love you.

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CarrieAlair said...

Get well soon Sam and Sharon!