Wednesday, May 28, 2008

late afternoon walk

Last summer Sam was a crawling baby who only ate purees for dinner, and part of our evening bedtime routine was to go for a short stroller walk up the street before taking a bath. This year he is a running toddler who says words and eats regular food, and lately he has been wanting to go outside right before dinner, so much that he grabs my hand and tugs me towards the front door. So we've resurrected our walk up the street, only now we go hand-in-hand. Yesterday, Sam missed out on playgroup because he was still contagious, but he was feeling much better and tugged me to the door just as I was starting to get his dinner ready. There was a bit of a chill, so I zipped on his 'leather' jacket, and off we went.

We stopped to check out some lavender and of course point out doors too.

He likes to walk on the river rock landscaping that many of our neighbors have on their parking strip. Sam also seems destined to get a splinter because he loves this old wooden fence. He liked the all the attractions on our walk much better than his subsequent dinner. His appetite for food isn't quite back yet, but I'm glad his outdoor spirit is.

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