Tuesday, May 20, 2008

weaning: part 1

As I sit here and type, Sam is reading his going-to-bed book with his Daddy instead of with me. It is our first night of voluntarily (on my part, not Sam's) not nursing before bed. There were a few tears when I kissed and hugged him goodnight, but Sam loves his Daddy so much that he was quickly distracted by the pleasure of pointing out doors and kitties in his current bedtime favorite, Tumble Bumble by Felicia Bond.

It has been quite a journey nursing Sam these past 18 months, and I consider it one of my proudest lifetime accomplishments. It is bittersweet to begin weaning. I had hoped for child-led weaning, but the truth is that I am ready now. At least, I would like to stop nursing before bed and before nap, and keep the morning nursing a little while longer. I have much more to say on this very fundamental component of our lives this past year and a half, but for now I will leave it here, and tiptoe past Sam's door, where he is no doubt sleeping peacefully.

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