Monday, May 5, 2008

hold still!

The photo of Sam that is my computer's wallpaper dates from last September, when he was 10 months old. Prior to that photo, I had a changing series of favorite portraits of him as my wallpaper since before he was born (if you include pregnancy photos). Why not change it since September? Well, this little guy just doesn't hold still for good portraits anymore! Add to that the poor light in our house, and it has simply been tough to get nice closeups of him lately. I can sometimes catch him in his highchair, but I'm not so fond of the food-smeared face look. Yesterday I took about 30 shots and managed to catch him once in focus for a thoughtful pose.
Otherwise, he really only sits still to read, but I have to be stealthy. If he knew I had the camera pointed at him, he'd be scrambling out of his reading nook faster than a shutter click. Then we'd have yet another blurry shot of Sam in motion. Thank goodness for digital.

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