Wednesday, December 31, 2008

speaking of home...

For several weeks now, whenever Sam and I leave the house by car, he makes sure to say, "Byebye house! Byebye home!" Last week I noticed, as we approached the third-to-last turn on our way home, Sam announced, "Home!" which he used to do at our old house but hadn't yet done here. I started asking him, "So which way do we go to get home?" and at each turn he would point in the correct direction. Until the other day, that is, when he started cracking himself up by purposely pointing in the opposite direction and saying, "that way!" and watching my pseudo-appalled reaction with glee.

Sam really seems to enjoy having guests visit our house. His energy while they are here can border on ecstatic, and then afterwards he seems to remember the visit fondly and often, by saying the person's name and "home," as in, "Grampie home," or "Mim home." This week he's remembering the two little friends who came here for a playdate on Monday.

In the backyard (see top photo), he is in near-constant motion. I think he likes his new room too. Here's another peek inside our new house:

Sunday, December 28, 2008

happy holidays!

We have had a wonderful holiday week seeing family, nesting, lighting Hanukkah candles, making homemade gifts, admiring our "bit-a wights" (Christmas lights), eating latkes, baking Christmas cookies, unpacking more boxes, and spending lots of time as a threesome. I was inspired to take these photos by two good friends with great taste, Trina and Carrie, who blogged their own beautiful holiday homes here and here. And then of course all the requests I've gotten for pictures of our new house. Here's a little peek!

Monday, December 22, 2008

a little girly

The other night I went out to see some live music, something I have done exactly twice in the past two years since lullabies and baby cries have become our soundtrack. This time I saw Girlyman, one of my very favorite bands, who describe themselves as "leading edge three-part-harmony folk-pop." Their harmonies take me to another place, their lyrics are smart, and their energy is both thoughtful and positive. I love everything they've done, but I am especially loving this song these days, and their live performance of it the other night had me practically falling off my seat with excitement. Sam and I like to dance to it in our living room too.

In other girly news, we are really excited about getting this kitchen for Sam for Christmas/Hanukkah. Whenever we go to one of our local playspaces, Sam gravitates towards their play kitchens, and loves opening the cabinets, turning the stove dials, putting play food in pots on the stove, and even feeding baby dolls in their little highchairs. I am not at all excessive about toys in our house (books, maybe); we really have very few compared to other kids. Like with so many other things, I focus on quality over quantity, and I think a play kitchen can have tremendous play value for children who are interested in kitchen activities (honestly it feels like we spend over half our time prepping and eating food together, so it makes sense!). Lately Sam has been carrying a little plastic easter egg over to the (real) stove and "cracking" it on the edge of the frying pan. This would be much safer if he had his own kitchen!

So I've been looking at play kitchens for months now. There are some gorgeous ones that are solid wood and made in USA, but they are quite pricey. Many are plastic and obnoxiously decorated, or worse: battery-operated, and I refuse to buy those despite their lower price. When it came down to finally picking one for the holidays, I enlisted Denis' help to balance all the factors of aesthetic, price, building material, size, manufacture location, and...girliness. Yeah, the girly factor. This one we picked is white (girly), has hearts (girly), and obviously it's a kitchen (duh, girly). Then it was delivered, and we realized that it even has some pink accent coloring (whoa, SO girly).

But so what, right? I have always, ALWAYS, said that I would not put my child in a gender box. Thankfully, my husband's values align with mine. As parents and as individuals, he and I will pursue our own interests and share those with Sam. When it comes to Sam's interests, we'll let him take the lead. For now, as he is getting really serious about imaginative play, we think he's going to love his wooden heart kitchen. I can't wait to see what he cooks up for the babydoll he's getting under the tree too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Some things I am appreciating right now:
*the forced air heater in our new house
*the way Sam says "lion," which sounds like "yion"
*a dinner full of laughter with some other playgroup moms last night
*sleeping well since day 1 in our new home
*our kitchen counters have on top of them: a toaster oven, coffee maker, stand mixer, 2 weeks worth of mail, 2 fruit baskets, my bag, a clock, a dishrack of drying dishes, 3 small plants, a camera, Felco pruners, and a bottle of wine...and I STILL have plenty of room to prep a meal
*various Christmas-related projects are partially completed and covering the dining room table, but I don't have to move any of it
*Christmas decorations, old and new, all around the house
*the way my sewing machine looks in its new space (and using it too)
*my decision not to rush with Christmas stuff even though I am way behind this year
*Sam's excitement seeing Christmas lights, or as he says, "bit-mith wighth!"
*actually, my hair looks good today (this is rare, ever since pregnancy altered 2 of my best physical features: straight streaky blonde hair and never-been-on-a-diet skinniness)...(or maybe the light was just dim)
*spontaneous kisses from my little guy