Monday, May 26, 2008

ear infections

Well, Sam wasn't any better yesterday; in fact he seemed even more unhappy, and had some disturbing nighttime this morning we went back to the doctor. Diagnosis: 2 ear infections, and nosebleeding nothing to worry about. So he's on antibiotics now, and we are all hitting this baby illness milestone together. I have much more understanding now of what some of my fellow moms have been going through with their sick babies. It is so hard to watch them suffer, not know what's hurting, fret about their fluid intake, worry that it's all so much more serious, and keep up the pace with all their needs for comfort, reassurance, mind-reading and making it all better. When hugs and kisses don't calm the whimpers, when wiping the nose doesn't make breathing easier, when offers of juice or water or mommy's juice or special-cup-juice are all unappealing, when the brow is hot and the eyes puffy, when a walk sounds good but then walking hurts too, when even pointing at doors does not bring back that sparkle...that is being sick. Sam, our little bundle of joy, is sick.

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