Monday, October 5, 2009

parenting interlude

Lest you think this has become a strictly gardening blog, I bring you Elmo underpants, size 2T. We now have over 20 pairs of tiny boys underwear; I just can't stop buying them even though somebody with a 2T bum still isn't consistenly interested in wearing them. I really thought Elmo would do it! Somebody picked them out himself! At least I thought that he would never poop on his happy red friend, but I was wrong there too.

Now I've done it. I wrote the word poop on this nice blog. In my farmer life, poop was practically daily dinner conversation...though that was chicken, goat or horse poop usually. Cycles of life: everything is food for someone, and poop is food for microbes who convert it into food for plants. But this is a parenting post, not a gardening one.

Poop is very present in our lives still, but no, there has not been much progress potty training. I backed off for awhile, then became more suggestive about it, and now I'm backing way off again. When it's time for a diaper change, I hold up a few pairs of Big Bird or train or soccer ball or Elmo underwear along with a diaper and ask him, as neutrally as possible, which one he'd like to wear. Mostly it's a diaper. What are you gonna do?


Amy said...

I hear ya! Sounds very similar to conversations at our house. Tonight I asked Miles if he wanted to wear undies...his response? "not yet". Ok says mom.

heather said...

sounds like we need to have side by side potty time! There's always Thanksgiving!