Friday, October 23, 2009

embracing fall

Today was a beautiful California fall day: warm enough to hang out laundry, with the smell of fallen leaves in the air, and golden fall colors all around. I recently harvested most of our butternut squash to save it from drowning in the 2.74" rain that fell in our first storm. I hadn't grown winter squash--apart from pumpkins--since I worked on farms managed by other people. This year, my butternuts are reminding me of my grandfather, who grew these in his backyard every year for us to eat over the holidays. Butternut squash was my favorite vegetable when I was a kid, and my grandfather made sure I had some homegrown every fall. At 94 he hasn't gardened in several years, but I think he will be pleased to hear that the tradition continues.

I'm really a summer person, but there are at least a couple things to love about fall besides butternut squash...such as comfy sweaters and corduroys,

boots left on the porch, the angle of sunlight in our backyard,

and the feeling of things slowing down, just a little bit.


CarrieAlair said...

He is adorable!

A Country Farmhouse said...

Who's more delicious...Sam or the butternut squash - okay, SAM!!!!!!!!! But the butternut squash comes in a close second! I love it too, and yours are absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful fall treat...will you bring one to your Grandfather? xoTrina