Tuesday, October 13, 2009

boys camping trip

The weekend before last, Denis took Sam camping with a friend and his son. This is my favorite photo from the trip: Sam playing with a flashlight inside the tent. I love that Denis thought to provide Sam with his own flashlight for his first camping trip. (It's actually a flashlight I purchased for myself on the coast of Maine while camping at Acadia a few years ago.) I also love that it was a boys trip (though I would love to go too-as soon as we upgrade to a 3-person tent), and that I got over 24 hours at home by myself. As for the details, and more pictures, I will leave those to Denis to share. I just wanted to remember a bit of end-of-summer goodness while it rains buckets here during the first (welcome) storm of the rainy season.

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Anonymous said...

Sam was a little guitar hero on the trip..."Hello everybody so glad to see you" and my fashlite

Sam's XY