Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sam's lens

That round steel object in Sam's hands is the lid to a nutchopper kitchen gadget (to us). To him, it is a camera. This is a picture of Sam taking a picture of me. Usually he just carries his camera around, after pulling it out of the kitchen cupboard, occasionally announcing its presence to me, and plays with it on his own. I love hearing about his imaginings. Lately, he has been going to various stores in the backyard on his tricycle. Over by the shed is Macy's, the side yard houses the ice cream store (the site of a booboo), and his favorite store TJ Max (or as he puts it, "ChayChainNax") seems to be located in the front yard some days, and down the street other days. Lots of little things become keys and doors (longtime favorite objects finding new ways to amuse him). Backyard gravel becomes salad for dinner. Many months ago, soon after we moved here, Sam even alerted me to the presence of imaginary people, usually "the lady," who would sit with us at the table, but who have not appeared lately. We encourage all of this of course, which is why I asked Sam to take a picture of me today. It's not a request I normally find myself making, but for my little dreamer-with-a-camera I'll do it.


Trina said...

That is such a sweet story. xo If only we could all have the imagination of a beautiful child. What a wonderful, creative world to exist in ; )

Miriam said...

This is such a sweet story about Sam! Looking at this picture of him I'm thinking of you when you were that age. I mostly remember our times at the beach. You were such a joy to me then (and still now)! I still remember how much joy you brought to my life! Because I didn't have a younger sibling I felt a very close bond to you. You loved the beach and playing and running. And Grammie Korpi was always in the kitchen making some sweet treat for us!