Monday, July 13, 2009

making things

I love the new look of our closet door with this simple curtain I made with fabric from one of my favorite fabric designers. Our bedroom has beautiful blue walls and crisp white trim, and this new curtain adds the perfect touch of pattern. It replaces a wooden folding door that was just too loud and bulky for my tastes. I'd still like to add some weights to the bottom hem to help it hang a bit better, but I love it already.

I whipped up these baby bibs for a playgroup mom friend expecting a baby girl. (Excuse the ugly fake wood background; I had to take this picture in a hurry before the baby shower brunch yesterday.) This was a fun project because it was quite easy and I learned how to use a snap setter. The pattern came from this awesome book.

I made these dresses for another playgroup mom friend who just had a baby girl. The pink one is for the newborn and the green one is for her older sister, Sam's friend Sadie, and I like that they are the same style without matching. I used a great free pattern found here. I loved making these because they were actually my first garments ever, and I think they turned out beautifully. I learned a few new skills here: making gathers and attaching piping and bias binding.

I made this felt board awhile ago, using this free tutorial. At the time, Sam was very interested in learning letters, but alas, since I made this, his interest has waned a bit. He knows all the letters pictured here and a few more, but I can't really say that he has used this felt board and learned anything. Maybe in the future!


A Country Farmhouse said...

My Dear Friend - You are an amazing seamstress!!! I love those dresses and the bibs - wow, you're like a professional. And LOVE the closet curtain, what a lovely pattern. Ok, so now I'm going to go back again and drool over everything again...such beautiful things you make. xoxo

Amy said...

WOW - those are all amazing!! I love the bibs and Carrie's girls will be SO cute in their dresses. Our bedroom is just about the same color.....I never thought to add some fabric but I love what you've done to add to the room. You're incredibly talented!

Anonymous said...

What can I say? You are more talented than you give self credit (and work well under a deadline). Sam and his little friends are lucky
to have such treats.


CarrieAlair said...

Yes, I love the dresses! The girls look so cute in them and I'll be posting pics soon. Thanks for the felt board idea too. I have been wanting to make one and now I am inspired. I love this post Sharon!

T & Z's Mom said...

Love the dresses! I think I'll attempt one of them for Zoe. The felt board is a great idea as well. I think I'll make one of them for the kids as well! Great crafting you've done!