Sunday, August 31, 2008

summer soundtrack

A recent walk up the street involved lots of pointing and sounded like this:
Byebye door!
Byebye trash!
And each exclamation required an affirming response, or else it was repeated with increasing intensity until one was given. I have been making an effort to give these affirmations more vocabulary than simply repeating what he has just said. So my side of the conversation sounds like this:
A red door! It's closed!
Big garage!
Someone else's car! Where did they go today?
The trash can and the recycling can!
Two wheels! One two!
Nice soft green grass! They must water it a lot!
Byebye door, see you later! Oh, there's another one!

Today, delightful observations of what we see in the neighborhood... Someday, discussions about community, the environment, current events, and culture.

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