Thursday, August 7, 2008


After my rough days and desire for wine, I must mention the absolute angel that Sam was on Monday, the day of four-plus-two house visits over 3 hours, and Tuesday, the day of the conference room (again). Let me explain: Sam and I are househunting together. Of all the estimated 75 houses I have seen, Sam has seen most of them too. We are blessed with a realtor who is also a mother and a kind person, in addition to being a first-class realtor. She (K) greets Sam each time we meet, and she offers him her keys, her cellphone, her realtor-electronic-key, and she follows him through the properties keeping him safe while I take my time to see what I need to see.

The other day we went to see 4 houses, and then we went back to see 2 of them a second time with Daddy. Three out of four were vacant, so Sam could run free, K's keys in hand, opening and closing doors, exploring to his heart's content. Actually, he was wonderful. And then, when we finally stopped to have dinner at the local Whole Foods, Sam said "hi" to every passing person as we fed him yogurt and pasta salad, receiving many smiles and compliments, as Denis and I discussed our house choices and our possible future.

The next day, while we made our third (probably futile) offer on a house, in the conference room at Denis' office, Sam was again wonderful. Much credit goes to our realtor K, who provided him with keys, iphone, even a dollar bill rifled from her purse. As we signed and initialed that stack of now-familiar documents, Sam circled the room, pointing keys towards doorknobs and holding iphone to his ear, allowing us to do what we needed to do.

Thank you, sweet boy, for being my steady companion in this search for home. Your smile melts me, and I want nothing more than to give you one of these backyards to explore and many doors to open and close. We'll get there, I promise.

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