Friday, August 8, 2008

grocery store giggles

Sam's favorite little friend is Sadie. They see each other at two weekly playgroups and occasionally at home. A few weeks ago we had a family picnic with our Monday playgroup, and Sam had fun pushing Sadie around in her stroller (photo by Carrie). It's been interesting watching them interact more and more as they get older. One day at playgroup, an older boy was repeatedly trying to grab a toy from Sam, and Sadie actually kept blocking the older kid, protecting Sam. She also says his name, "Sam," with the cutest little voice.

Yesterday we ran into Sadie and her mom Carrie at the grocery store. Sam and Sadie couldn't have been happier with the chance encounter. As we moms discussed fruit prices, the kids kept pointing at each other and laughing with glee.

Since then, Sam can't stop talking about it. This is the conversation we've had several times since yesterday afternoon:
Him- 'tore? 'tore? 'tore? 'tore?
Me- Store, yes, we went to the store.
Him- *nods* 'adie? 'adie? 'adie?
Me- Sadie, yes, we saw Sadie at the store.
Him- *nodding and laughing*
Him- 'tore? 'tore? 'tore?...

Sam, dear boy, may you always have friends who make you happy, and may you always have memories that make you laugh.

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CarrieAlair said...

That is a really sweet post Sharon. Sadie has been asking about Sam I can't wait to see them together again.