Saturday, January 3, 2009


I'm just loving these 4-day holiday weekends. Every week should have this balance of work-time and family-time. We celebrated New Year's Day with some yard clean-up, including leaf-raking, pond-draining, and the beginning of the purge of the less charming yard installations left behind by the previous owners (plastic frogs anyone?). I spend a lot of time these days staring at the various spaces inside and outside our house, dreaming how to make them our own (while spending no money).

On Friday, Sam's new wagon (thanks, Grandma!) made its first journey around the neighborhood. Denis and Sam have been visiting the nearby creek (of course), which Sam has named, "beek park," (creek park). Isn't Sam's hat just the cutest? A friend of mine knitted it for him when he was born, and I've been trying to extend its use this winter (his third, amazingly), even though it's too small and pops off Sam's head every few minutes. I am sad that he is outgrowing it...though I wouldn't trade all the cute hats in the world for the joy of watching my little boy becoming who he is.

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CarrieAlair said...

he is so cute! I love the hat.