Tuesday, January 13, 2009

new word: sick

Thankfully, it was short-lived, occurred during normal adult awake times, involved only certain typical symptoms and not others, and (so far) only got subsequently passed to one parent. Ah yes, the first vomit milestone. Finally, the reason to possess 3 sets of crib sheets is revealed.

The above photo was taken the next day, when a recovering Sam requested an early nap in mommy's bed. No blackout curtains, no white noise, no lullaby. Just a pacifier, a pillow, and the blue dustcloth that he recently adopted as a lovey (totally his idea). He still says, "Tick" (sick), or "tick mouf" (sick mouth) in memory of his experience.

By Sunday, we were all well enough for a long walk around a lake at a local park. The past three days have been record-breakingly warm, and we have been spending as much time outdoors as possible. After being ill myself, I am finding the nice weather to be particularly uplifting. Something about blogging from the back porch, wearing a t-shirt, hearing birdsong in the distance, reading gardening books, and watching as my little guy happily plays in his new yard... I like it.

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