Wednesday, December 31, 2008

speaking of home...

For several weeks now, whenever Sam and I leave the house by car, he makes sure to say, "Byebye house! Byebye home!" Last week I noticed, as we approached the third-to-last turn on our way home, Sam announced, "Home!" which he used to do at our old house but hadn't yet done here. I started asking him, "So which way do we go to get home?" and at each turn he would point in the correct direction. Until the other day, that is, when he started cracking himself up by purposely pointing in the opposite direction and saying, "that way!" and watching my pseudo-appalled reaction with glee.

Sam really seems to enjoy having guests visit our house. His energy while they are here can border on ecstatic, and then afterwards he seems to remember the visit fondly and often, by saying the person's name and "home," as in, "Grampie home," or "Mim home." This week he's remembering the two little friends who came here for a playdate on Monday.

In the backyard (see top photo), he is in near-constant motion. I think he likes his new room too. Here's another peek inside our new house:

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