Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After the milestones review the other day, I've been thinking about all the other things I could say about where Sam is at in his life right now...what he likes, what he does, who he hangs out with, things like that. This incomplete list is what comes to mind:


  • finding doors wherever he goes to open and close them

  • bobbing up and down to music

  • running away from his parents at the park

  • wrestling and cuddling with his parents at home (I call this "getting mauled" because he just throws himself at my face, often causing minor pain to my nose, eye socket, etc. I love it though!)

  • word books

  • favorite toys are mirror-pound-a-ball, popcorn popper pushtoy, musical phone, tupperware

  • bathtime

  • Taimi our kitty

  • exploring the garage

  • the dishwasher

  • going to Chase's house for playgroup

Doesn't like--

  • when Mommy goes on the computer

  • when Mommy reads her own book or magazine

  • diaper changes (a real struggle about half the time)


  • water (to drink)

  • more

  • all done

  • bath

  • nurse

  • casually working on please, thank you, help, but we're more interested in talking now!


  • 18 month clothes getting a little snug

  • fitting into 24 month or 2T clothes for summer

  • shoes size 6.5 with room to grow

  • does not tolerate hats (we need to work on this)


  • I cannot think of a single food he flat-out doesn't like, though he is not always in the mood for every food and will refuse or gorge on most foods at one time or another

  • for breakfast, oatmeal with yogurt, applesauce, almond butter and cinnamon, also often a banana or orange

  • for other meals, roasted sweet potatoes, omelette with veggies, black beans, peas, korean veggie pancake, rice or cheese crackers, cream cheese sandwich, sunflower butter sandwich, cheese/refried bean/corn/salsa quesadilla, yogurt with blueberries, wholewheat pasta with veggie sauce, sauteed tofu and spinach, seasoned tempeh, strawberries, baba ghanouj, cottage cheese, wholewheat pita bread, asparagus, anything Mommy and Daddy are eating

Little Friends--

  • At our Monday playgroup Sam plays with Chase, Sadie, Miles and Grace

  • At our Tuesday playgroup he plays with Sadie, Weylyn, Reilly, Keil, Megan, Ryan and Jack

Places we go to have fun--

  • For outdoor fun we go to HP regional park, OH park, McN park, LH park, CC regional park (names abbreviated for privacy)

  • For indoor fun we go to library storytime, PS playspace

  • For special occasions we go to the Discovery Museum, to meet Daddy for lunch, or someplace new

And lately, we've been doing some househunting together...more on that later.

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