Thursday, April 24, 2008

little friends

We've missed our little friends this week with all the sniffling and coughing around here. This photo is from about 6 weeks ago and shows Sam giving some affection to his little buddy Sadie. I'm not sure she considers a pat-pat-pat on the head to be affectionate, but she tolerated it really well.

I also missed a rare evening night out with some of the playgroup moms last night. I really didn't want to be coughing into the Thai food, so I bowed out regretfully. Last week another group of moms went out for dinner, and I enjoyed that a lot. There were a few moments of out-of-control laughter due to some shared story that only a toddler mom could find hilarious.

Here's hoping we're all feeling well by this weekend!


CarrieAlair said...

We missed you too Sharon! I love the photo of Sadie and Sam. Hope you are on the mend.

CarrieAlair said...

I had to tag somebody! Now you’re it!
Go to for details.