Friday, June 6, 2008

baby fashion

I admit it: I like dressing Sam in cute outfits. For me, that means an earthy palette of greens and blues, jeans, cargo pockets, no slogans or obvious branding, minimal imagery (maybe a small tasteful animal or embroidered fire engine), the occasional rivet or leather, and absolutely no sports themes. I happily made a couple exceptions for gifts given by my Patriots-and-Red-Sox-fan brother, but nothing like the entire wardrobe of Patriots clothing that will be proudly adorning my new niece (I'm sure he'll make exceptions for my gifts of crocheted and embroidered sundresses too). I see a lot of toddler boys wearing sweatpants with racing stripes, white athletic shoes, and team shirts, but not Sam. He doesn't even own a baseball cap.

Then my mom gave him this Scotland soccer jersey, and I must say I am really liking it. Sam wore it for the first time yesterday, and I kept disproportionately admiring it all afternoon. Maybe it's the blue color that goes so well with Sam's beautiful eyes. Maybe it reminds me of my dear Aunt Gertrude, who loved Scotland (and me) so much. Maybe it inspires me to see into the future, Sam playing soccer, blessed with his father's good genes and skilled coaching, actually adept at sports, unlike his awkward and nonathletic mommy, who was painfully bad at every sport except swimming. I don't know what it is about this cute shirt, or what it says about my toddler fashion aesthetic, probably nothing. Just another small pleasure in my simple life of being mommy.

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