Friday, June 13, 2008

19 months!

Wow, the past month went fast. Sam is 19 months old today! He is making great leaps with language these days...speaking words he knows with glee, parroting us, talking to us with "words" we don't understand yet.

New favorite word: keys ("eeeez" this word prompted him to rediscover his old baby keys rattle, see photo).

Other new words: cheese ("eeezh"), yogurt ("oh-ur"), tofu ("wo-wu"), oatmeal ("oh-ee"), mama/mommy (perfectly pronounced), thank you ("ay-ooo" not on his own yet, but he says it a lot after we say it), hello? ("oh?" which he says when he puts something up to his ear like a telephone), Sadie ("ay-ee" his little friend from playgroups).

Words he says that mean something to him, but not us yet: "dee" which he says when he notices something that he likes; "aish" which he says when he wants us to do something different.

My favorite new word of his, which made my little heart grow 3 sizes bigger when I first heard him say it one night, in that sweet, clear, high-pitched voice of his: "nigh-nigh." He loves giving good-night kisses too, which, along with his strong hugs, pretty much makes bedtime the sweetest time of day.

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