Sunday, March 7, 2010

goodbye for now

Two years ago I started this blog with the intention of integrating my new life as a busy mom with my old life of compost, seeds, and produce. It has been fun writing here at soilmama with this intention in mind. Now, however, I feel the need to take things in different directions again. At the moment I am developing ideas for a possible new blog or website, or maybe something else entirely, or maybe nothing at all! As always, feel free to comment below with any suggestions. For the immediate future I won't be blogging, but will inform you here if and when I create something else. Thanks for reading along!  xo, sharon


Anonymous said...


Amy said...

Oh no!! I love your blog =(
I hope you pick it up again in another form!!

heather said...

Whatever you do, if it's blogging again, the best advice I ever had was to write it for yourself, not for anyone else. As long as I'm amusing myself, I'm happy with it!
I hope you'll do something to keep us up to date with Sam!
Or go to the darkside of facebook so we can see photos of him!

CarrieAlair said...

We will miss you!

mary olson said...

Hi Soilmama, I remember meeting you on the plane to somewhere, and we exchanged blogs- my brother has the farm for sale outside of medford/ashland OR. Do you remember? Ive just rediscovered you as a link on my son's blog from Turkey. Your photos are a pleasure. I too love that dark green-black kale! And you grow it! Gardening is a challenge in Flagstaff, AZ where i live. Dont know if I will ever take it up again, but your photos are motivating. Thanks for sharing your life by blog and blessings on your new adventures!
Mary Olson