Friday, January 29, 2010

last tomato standing

You may remember when Sam and I picked the last of the green tomatoes before some hard frosts back in early December. Yesterday we ate the last four of those kitchen-ripened tomatoes. The one above was the only one of the four without rotten spots. Overall we probably ended up composting about 20% of what we picked, but otherwise that huge harvest has been slowly ripened and consumed. I never did figure out how to use green tomatoes because I was too busy making salads, sandwiches, stirfries, sauces, and snacks. The texture and flavor was not as good as summertime vine-ripened tomatoes, but fresh homegrown tomatoes in January? No complaints here. Last night I added them to homemade pesto from the freezer for a simple pasta meal. Delicious.


Queenplinker said...

Mmmm, it's been months. Will be starting seeds under lights in a few more weeks.

Thanks for that pretty red round beauty, made my mouth water.
Have a good evening,

A Country Farmhouse said...

SOUNDS SO DARN GOOD!!! And I love the title of your post, made me chuckle. xoxoTrina