Wednesday, December 2, 2009

can't pick just one

this little boy, now three years old

loves to ask questions, likes being busy,

gets whiney sometimes and doesn't listen,

and the cuteness just does. not. stop.

in fact, coming back to look at these photos repeatedly today reminds me of when Sam was a newborn... everything was crazy, spending every other hour nursing, waking up several times a night, trying to calm the colic, wondering if I was going to make it... I was exhausted and barely taking care of myself... and during those rare moments of Sam quietly napping, what did I do? I was transfixed in front of the computer, scrolling through photos of my beautiful baby. I just could. not. stop.

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A Country Farmhouse said...

That's such a lovely little story Sharon xoxoxo So sweet. Hugs for Sam and you. xoTrina