Tuesday, August 4, 2009

county fair

Sam calls it the "fair-ya," and we had some great summertime fun just minutes from home. He went on his first roller coaster (and ferris wheel) with Daddy:

Visited some farm animals:

Ran around a barn while I checked out the old-timey home and garden contest entries:

And savored some classic fair foods:

We loved it!


CarrieAlair said...

Looks like fun! Love you photos.

amy said...

that last picture of sam has so much of you in it! love it. love your garden pics, too. if i had a camera i'd send you pics of what i've been growing this year, too. it's been a very strange season, with our first frost hitting last week (!!!) after a long, cool, wet spring. hoping we get a few tomatoes. ahh. miss you, my gardener. much love to you and all you're growing!