Thursday, May 7, 2009

happy birthday sofia!!

My sweet niece Sofia, Sam's cousin, is turning ONE today! Over the weekend Sam excitedly packed up some of his old toys and drew a card for his much-loved "Too-paia" (Sofia). Then he wanted to send his "burpday" wishes in song:

We need to do this for all the family birthdays that we can't celebrate in person, though I'm not sure how Sam is going to feel about these videos when he's a teenager. To the parents, two of my favorite people, from me: I am so happy for you guys! Excited to see you soon!


Amy said...

So cute!!

heather said...

Thank you so much Sam for the fun toys you picked out! Sofia's favorite is the barn yard one. She loves it when the chicken makes noises. Thank you also for the "Happy Burpday" song! Can't wait to see you next weekend.
Umple Teeve