Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sale pending

When we first saw this house, the owner, a stay-at-home-dad with a two-year-old son, told us that five years ago he and his wife looked at 139 homes before finally picking this one. As if on cue, our agent said, "We may have you beat."

I actually stopped counting a few months ago, when the number went well over 50. We have been seriously looking more than 6 months, and casually looking for a year or so. This was our 6th offer, but it was the first one I really wanted. With all the others, I felt like I could walk away, like I knew something else would come along if it didn't work out. Here, though, I could not stop myself from really wanting it. I felt like now it was our turn.

Apparently the owner liked us...maybe it was Sam's Scotland jersey (coincidentally worn that day--they are Welsh), or maybe they just liked the idea of another 2-year-old buying their home...I'm sure the credit goes to Sam somehow. Apparently there were at least 4 offers on this property, and we learned later that one of them was identical to ours. They picked us. We had to agree to a shortened contingency period, but after such a long haul, the choice was easy. Move in by Thanksgiving? OK! We found out the day before my birthday. Yesterday we removed contingencies. In 3 weeks we'll close. Time to start packing!


Dan said...

Congratulations on getting to the "sale pending" stage and best of luck that the rest of the i-dotting and t-crossing goes well! Can't wait to learn more about the house and the neighborhood etc etc. Dan

Trina said...

HI!!!!! It's me!! So nice hearing your voice the other day and so exciting to hear about the new house. Yay!!!!!!!! It will be so special to move into a house just before the holiday season xoxo What a wonderful way to bless your new house - good food, coziness, the love of family and friends. Many hugs and well wishes for you -and an extra squeeze for sweet Sam xo

Fluvial said...

Turkey Day or bust. Sam will have about 30 more words by then. Just a couple more steps to go and then our big move.