Tuesday, September 30, 2008

life resumes

Since I last posted, we've been having a great time: a brand-spanking-new computer, two weeks vacation in the northeast, a beautiful wedding, grandparents, 2 great-grandparents, 4 college friends, and lots of blueberries by a pretty little new england pond.

We are now back home, still looking for a new home, resuming playgroup activities, nodding at "he got so tall!" exclamations, and sighing at current events. If every day I make 4 healthy 3-part portable toddler meals, change 5 diapers, redirect 20 inappropriate behaviors, calm 6 meltdowns, play intellectually stimulating games and sing funny songs, wipe a little face and hands 12 times, wash 30 dishes, reinforce 100 words of language, wrestle a 3-foot long kicking and screaming body at least once, read 6 books out loud, hand over my keys on demand, and explain my actions every 2 minutes...do you think this will pay me enough to cover a mortgage? Because I don't personally need a bailout, I just need a little home with a sunny yard.

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