Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Since my persistent efforts at house-hunting have yielded no real results so far, we are stuck in our little rental inferno during this most recent heat wave. As the all-day sun beats down on our uninsulated roof, the temperature inside climbs even higher than the reported high of 96 outdoors. Yesterday I stripped Sam down to his diaper and we had some fun in the front yard. The camera came out because he seemed interested in his sunglasses, and it has been my mission to get a shot of him wearing them.

Alas, the sunglasses were not tolerated for long. Filling Taimi the cat's water bowl seemed much more fun. Even more fun to keep spilling it and refilling it again and again.

Our Sungold patio tomato needed some water as well.

We barely water our lawn, but Sam couldn't resist.

Not a bad way to spend a hot afternoon. Today we're headed to a friend's pool for our first swimming lesson. Ah, I feel cooler already.


Mea said...

What a cute little California boy! Looks like he's already showing signs of a green thumb, just like his mama. The pool sounds refreshing...hope you two are staying cool.

heather said...

hope your pool party was fun too!